Stellar S18R

The Touring Racer with the Surf Ski Genes

Two extra fast touring kayaks stand out from the Stellar touring kayak series: the S18R and the Stellar Tandem ST21. Here you can feel the racing genes of Stellar kayaks in every paddle stroke. The S18R uses the same lower hull as the Stellar Surfski S18S (pictured above). This makes the kayak very fast and track stable. Typical of all Stellar kayaks and surf skis: The high stability with a comparatively narrow width.

We choose the Multisport Layup as standard for Stellar's fast tourers, i.e. with a carbon / Kevlar lower hull. In this variant, the S18R weighs only 17.8 kg and the Tandem ST21 only 26 kg.

Length: 5,48 m  |   Width: 51,2cm    |   Payload: 150 kg     |    Cockpit: 85 cm x 44 cm   | Rear Volume: 80 Liter 

Front Volume: 130 Liter  | Weight: ca. 17,8 kg

Price Advantage Layup: 2.990 € | Price Multisport Layup: 3.390 €

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The S18R and ST21 models come standard with the QR-Track control system, which enables effective footwork:

QR Track control on the S18 R
QR Track control on the S18 R