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Stellar Layup Variants

Advantage Layup

The Advantage Layup is based on a multi-layer fiberglass construction. This makes the surf ski already very light, yet very robust and absorbs shocks better than the Excel Layup.

Popular for touring and beginner surf skis, the Advantage models offer an ideal combination of robustness, stiffness, weight and price.

Available for:

>Touring kayaks

>Sea kayaks

>Surf Skis

Multisport Layup

In the Multisport Layup, the entire bow is constructed of carbon Kevlar. The finish is a clear gelcoat. The deck features the layup of the Advantage series.

The Carbon Kevlar construction is very durable. In terms of weight, this results in a very light yet sturdy kayak for this weight class.

We use this layup for all kayaks and surf skis where robustness is important. I.e. for all touring and sea kayaks it is our first choice.

Available for:

>Touring kayaks (except S12 and ST17)

>Sea kayaks


>Rapid S

Excel Layup

The Excel Layup is a multi-layer construction with fiberglass, a Kevlar layer for reinforcement and aramid fiber honeycomb core from the manufacturer Nomex. The combination results in a stiff, fast and very light surf ski at an outstanding price-performance ratio. However, the surf ski is also more sensitive to external impacts. Contact with rocks or strapping too tightly to unsuitable roof racks can cause damage.

Available for:

>Surf Ski

Ultra Layup

The Ultra Layup uses carbon and an aramid fiber honeycomb core. Instead of a gel coat as in the Advantage and Excel variant, the outer layer here is a varnish. The result is an extremely stiff, light and fast surf ski. Again, careful handling of the surf ski is necessary to avoid contact with rocks or other external impacts. Varnish is more susceptible to scratching than a gelcoat.

Available for:

>Surf Ski