Stellar SR

The new Stellar Racer (SR) is stable and fast, making it suitable for paddlers who want a fast surf ski with stability reserves in rough conditions.

The new SR has a much narrower topsheet and less volume in the footwell. The seat has been moved forward to take waves easier, and the volume in the bow has been slightly increased to make it easier to exit the wave.

The shape of the lower hull that many paddlers are so excited about has been retained! The beauty of the SR is that you can maintain your paddling rhythm without having to brace. This allows you to maintain a consistently higher hull speed than in a racing ski where you would have to brace.

Length: 5,84 m |  Width: 48cm |  Weight: Advantage: 15,5 kg  - Multisport: 15,3 kg  - Excel: 11,5 kg

Price:  Advantage: 2.990 €   |  Multisport: 3.490 €    |    Excel: 3.490 €   |    Ultra (3K Carbon): 4.290€

Stellar SR - immediately available

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