Stellar S14S G2

The Stellar 14' Sit-on-Top (S14S) is a recreational sit-on-top kayak that makes getting in and out a breeze by eliminating the need to squeeze in and out of a cockpit. The boat's steering system is also very comfortable and responsive. Unlike other boats of this length, the S14S has the speed of a much longer boat, but can be paddled comfortably by beginners. A rear hatch provides storage for day trips or short multi-day trips. Its short length and light weight make it ideal for those looking for a powerful boat that is easy to transport.

Length: 4.36m |    Width: 62.6cm  Max. Payload: 145kg  rear volume: 100 l |  Weight: 16 kg

Price: Advantage: 2.690 € Multisport: 2.990 €

Optional: Stern rudder + 125 €

Stellar S14S G2 - immediately available

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