Stellar Falcon Surfski

The brand new Stellar Falcon surf ski is an exceptional combination of the SEA, SEI G2 and S18S. High stability, an optimal waterline and improved rocker make this surf ski very fast in flat water and very agile and easy to handle in the wave. The third generation seat hollow with a very rounded back area has been improved for unobstructed rotation. The position of the rudder have been chosen to provide high agility in combination with a rounder lower hull in the stern area.

In the forward area of the seat hatch, the sides have been made higher to allow less water to enter the seat hatch. In the aft area, the sides are lower to facilitate re-entry.

With the Falcon, Stellar has succeeded in designing an extremely versatile surf ski that performs excellently in many conditions


Length: 5.95 m | Width: 47,5 cm | Paddler weight max. 110 kg |

Weight:  Advantage Layup: 14,9 kg | Multisport Layup: 15,5 kg | Excel Layup: 11,9 kg | Ultra Layup: 11,2 kg

Price: Advantage: 3.090 €  Multisport: 3.390 € Excel: 3.490 €

Stellar Falcon Surfski - immediately available

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