The sea kayaks from Stellar: SI18 and SILV

The SI18 and SILV sea kayak from the Stellar family offer the speed you have come to expect from Stellar combined with the stability and safety that sea kayaks prove in rough conditions.

We configure the SI18 and the SILV in Stellar Multisport Layup as standard. That is, the hull is carbon/Kevlar, which is a sandwich of fiberglass and Honeycomb core. The result is a sea kayak with 19.5 kg total weight.

The SILV is ideal for light to medium paddlers with 55 - 80 kg paddler weight. The SI18 is for medium to heavy paddlers with 75 - 120 kg paddler weight. Those in the transitional range in terms of body weight should decide based on area of use and potential load. If the SI18 is paddled by light paddlers with little payload, you will quickly reach its limits under more difficult conditions.

The SI 18 is available with the option to add a stern rudder


The SI 18 is equipped with SKEG as standard. There are variants where a tail rudder can be added in addition to the SKEG (right picture).

Stellar SI18 with SKEG
Stellar SI18 with SKEG
Stellar SI18 with SKEG and stern rudder
Stellar SI18 with SKEG and stern rudder

Stellar SILV

Length: 5.14m

Width: 53.2cm
Cockpit: 80 cm x 44 cm
Volume rear: 50 Liter
Volume Front: 109 Liter
Payload: 110kg
Weight: 19 kg

Price Multisport Layup: 3.090 €

Stellar Intrepid SI18

Length: 5,5 Meter 

Width: 54 cm 
Cockpit: 81 cm x 44 cm 
Volume rear: 57 Liter 
Volume front: 125 Liter
Payload: 145 kg
Weight: 19.5 kg

Price Multisport Layup: 3.190 €

Stellar SI18 Multisport Layup - immediately available!

Stellar SILV Multisport Layup - immediately available!