Stellar Rapid S

The Rapid S is a brand new, exciting boat concept from Stellar. It was developed at the suggestion of New Zealanders who wanted a kayak to run light whitewater rivers (WWI-II). The bow shape is derived from Stellar Surfski SES. The Rapid S is built exclusively in a multisport layup. That is, the bow is a multi-layer laminate of carbon/carbon Kevlar. This makes the bow stiff yet durable.

The deck has increased volume towards the cockpit to keep water out when cutting through waves and rapids.

The long waterline and extremely fast bow shape also make the Rapid S a fantastically fast boat on lakes and calm rivers


Length: 6.2m Width: 41,4cm Height: 40 cm Weight (Multisport Layup): 15,6 kg

Price: 3.290 €

The Rapid S is equipped with stern rudder that makes it operational in shallow waters. The steering is done via the central QR Track with 3-point attachment. The seat is also made of 100% carbon/Kevlar.